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Rain’s civil suit verdict

…well, unfortunately the verdict handed down by the courts were not favorable for Rain (8+ million dollars  in lawsuit).   i’m not soo surprised that he and his management company are liable to the cancellation — it’s only right when soo many fans were breathlessly waiting (moi included) for his appearance and a breaking of a contract (promise?) — but that is  SO much $$!!! personally, i think it’s a bit excessive…i hope it doesn’t stunt his professional growth…he still has my fullest support!!!

Rain at court


2 comments March 21, 2009

Rain in Speed Racer

I’ve seen the movie Speed Racer twice!  Rain was/is outstanding both times! No doubt about it — I think he has arrived!  So there were some not so hot reviews of this movie…i must admit it was a little too much on the sensory overload for special effects BUT I’m a special effects kinda gal!  :0)   It was like watching a huge video game on the big screen — liked it…I like playing games!!  Can’t wait for Ninja Assassins…

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rain and colbert

wow…did you see that clip with Rain’s dance off with colbert? I’m impressive with Rain (of course) and Colbert!! I do believe that this surely puts Rain in the “someone to know” category. Let’s see if I can attach a pic of the two of them…

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full house – the manga


so…i went and ordered all available translated paper copies of Full House — hehe…this is NOT an obsession!

 i think i’ll dig up full house again during the holidays when dd is home, and we can catch up on re-bonding again by watching it together. love this series and now i’ll have the manga too! i read vol. 1 and 3 (#2 has gone missing at the public library) and i like it just as much–diff. from the drama but just as funny!

9 comments October 30, 2007

huh? what was that name again?

i have such a hard time with remembering names!  it’s hard enough remembering when it’s in my own native english (yea ok, so my first undecipharable sounds were in chinese, spanish and finally english) but really, i claim english as my mother tongue only because that’s the one i always use when i’m in need of the most explicit and explosive words!  —sorry i digress–back to remembering names… but the heart knows that a rose is a rose is a rose by any other name, it’s still a rose.  so who the heck is “eyebrow” and “ratface” and “diamond head eyebrows”?  let me tell you gals, those are NOT even closely related to a rose!!! what gives? we drama fans may not remember  names but we all know who we’re talking about…

…i don’t have any problems remembering my idol:  rain, bi! 

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