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Gosh, it’s been a long while since my last post.  I guess I’m just too busy watching CJK dramas…let’s see; C : The Promise  J: Proposal Daisukasen [don’t quote me, I’m not the greatest at remembering titles or names] K : The Devil.  So that keeps me busy and up late at nights.  Did I mention that I’m also reading mangas?  ….next post


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BYJ injured – again

byjYes, it happened again.  This time it seems more serious.  See below:
Hallyu star BYJ sustained such a serious injury on his spine that it needs surgery while filming MBC blockbuster drama ‘TWSSG’.

However, BYJ, without informing this to its producing crew, is forcing himself filming of the ‘TWSSG’ where he is appearing as main character, Damdeok, while getting pain killer shots.

According to BYJ’s agency, BOF, BYJ suffered an accident of colliding with a stuntman who was coming down from above, while filming in ‘TWSSG’ set in Jeju Island in early November.

Although BYJ continued filming without showing any particular signs right after the accident, he complained of pain since then, so that he underwent examination in a hospital.

A BOF staff told, “BYJ got a diagnosis from the hospital that spinal nerve were damaged, ” and “A doctor told that situation was for him to be admitted to the hospital immediately and have a surgery, and he would know how much never damage he sustained only after direct visualization of the injured area.”

Followiing that, this staff added, “Because he cannot continue filming of the ‘TWSSG’ if he is operated on, he is in a condition of filming getting injection of pain killers, ” and “He is filming without informing news of his injury because that would make production crew and other cast worry.”

BYJ also sustained serious injury of severing a ligament in index finger in hir right hand as he was hit by a sword from opposite actor while he was filming the ‘TWSSG’ on past October 24.

3 comments November 17, 2007

Lobbyist w/Song IlGuk

BYJ good lookDid you see?  It starts on Nov. 14th at 7:45.  The time of the wolf & dog will also begin in Nov. I forget what date, the 16th?

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I’m still here.

Well, I’m still trying to learn how to use this.  I wanted to include a picture with this but forgot how…I need more lessons.  But, I’m still here.

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where are you?

hey, i thought this was a communittee site!  i don’t want to be all alone–so lonely… sob, sob..

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full house – the manga


so…i went and ordered all available translated paper copies of Full House — hehe…this is NOT an obsession!

 i think i’ll dig up full house again during the holidays when dd is home, and we can catch up on re-bonding again by watching it together. love this series and now i’ll have the manga too! i read vol. 1 and 3 (#2 has gone missing at the public library) and i like it just as much–diff. from the drama but just as funny!

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gaseum apayo (fly to the sky)

yesterday was the 2nd meeting of the BT singing class. gaseum apayo is the song that i’ve been attempting to learn. i do NOT sing well at all and i’ve given up my teenage dreams to ever make it big in the music world, so it’s ok. my problem; can’t read, can’t pronounce and can’t remember the lyrics!! argh–

this is what is called stepping outside of your comfort zone–a “very” uncomfortable zone! still… it’s a lot of fun and of course, it feeds my love for kmusic and hanging out with like minds.  haha.

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BYJ injured!!!

Song told me this morning that BYJ broke finger on the set 2 days ago.  It was during a fight scene.  She sounded quiet upset.  So cute…she really likes him now and tells me she’s very pleased with the drama.  She can’t wait to watch each episode. 

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My Love!!! BYJ4eva

Eyebrows = SONG SEUNG HUN  (Song Seung Heon) (Summer Scent)
Ratface = Park Si Yeon (My Girl)
Diamond Head = Kim Sung Soo  (from Full House/Lawyers/Stained Glass)

Eyebrows & Ratface names are from other fansites.

Diamond Head is Jackson’s creation.

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huh? what was that name again?

i have such a hard time with remembering names!  it’s hard enough remembering when it’s in my own native english (yea ok, so my first undecipharable sounds were in chinese, spanish and finally english) but really, i claim english as my mother tongue only because that’s the one i always use when i’m in need of the most explicit and explosive words!  —sorry i digress–back to remembering names… but the heart knows that a rose is a rose is a rose by any other name, it’s still a rose.  so who the heck is “eyebrow” and “ratface” and “diamond head eyebrows”?  let me tell you gals, those are NOT even closely related to a rose!!! what gives? we drama fans may not remember  names but we all know who we’re talking about…

…i don’t have any problems remembering my idol:  rain, bi! 

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