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where has the year gone??  i’ve  forgotten that this blog is still breathing and then out of the blue someone comments…doesn’t feel right to just ignore it.  i think it’s a fall out from the way i was raised.  you know, greet, acknowledge, say thank you, good-byes…

haven’t given up watching kdramas, although sometimes a fleeting thought does cross my mind that i could be more productive…but it’s just a “fleeting” thought.  lol!

have you seen “He’s Beautiful”??  wasn’t that a great drama?   i’m totally into cute and beautiful boys!

presently watching: Wish upon a Star, Becoming a Billionaire and Chuno.  more then enough to keep all my evenings locked to my couch!


Add a comment April 23, 2010

Rain’s civil suit verdict

…well, unfortunately the verdict handed down by the courts were not favorable for Rain (8+ million dollars  in lawsuit).   i’m not soo surprised that he and his management company are liable to the cancellation — it’s only right when soo many fans were breathlessly waiting (moi included) for his appearance and a breaking of a contract (promise?) — but that is  SO much $$!!! personally, i think it’s a bit excessive…i hope it doesn’t stunt his professional growth…he still has my fullest support!!!

Rain at court

2 comments March 21, 2009

Song Il-Kook in Hawaii

it’s this saturday AND sunday!!!  saturday at the Blaisdell Concert Hall and the very next day,  a fan meeting with him!  i have abandoned my family to attend these two functions.  poor things…aaww, suck it up family…i finally have a life!  lol!

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Rain in Hawaii!

Can you believe we actually enjoyed the same air space in Hawaii! lol!  i missed going to the airport to welcome him (unfortunately his visit to the islands were on official court business).   here’s a pic of him at the airport and waaay back there is my friend (teri) who got to shake his hand!! how cool is that!!

Rain at Honolulu International airport

1 comment March 16, 2009

Boys Over Flowers (BOF)

I’m watching this on KBFD!  I’m soo loving this show!  Lots of eye candy but my fav is still Hyun Joon (sp? – i can’t ever seem to retain korean names), although Lee Min-Ho is quickly going  up the “idol” chart. :o)kkot_09

3 comments February 23, 2009

Speaking of food

I’ve discovered the yummiest Korean noodles!  Cold black noodles…oh man, I’m salivating just thinking about it.   So different from anything I’ve had before; a bed of black noodles in a bowl of slushy ice broth…and tangy!  Who would have thought…

Add a comment December 2, 2008

Rain in Speed Racer

I’ve seen the movie Speed Racer twice!  Rain was/is outstanding both times! No doubt about it — I think he has arrived!  So there were some not so hot reviews of this movie…i must admit it was a little too much on the sensory overload for special effects BUT I’m a special effects kinda gal!  :0)   It was like watching a huge video game on the big screen — liked it…I like playing games!!  Can’t wait for Ninja Assassins…

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rain and colbert

wow…did you see that clip with Rain’s dance off with colbert? I’m impressive with Rain (of course) and Colbert!! I do believe that this surely puts Rain in the “someone to know” category. Let’s see if I can attach a pic of the two of them…

Add a comment May 8, 2008

BYJ injured – again

byjYes, it happened again.  This time it seems more serious.  See below:
Hallyu star BYJ sustained such a serious injury on his spine that it needs surgery while filming MBC blockbuster drama ‘TWSSG’.

However, BYJ, without informing this to its producing crew, is forcing himself filming of the ‘TWSSG’ where he is appearing as main character, Damdeok, while getting pain killer shots.

According to BYJ’s agency, BOF, BYJ suffered an accident of colliding with a stuntman who was coming down from above, while filming in ‘TWSSG’ set in Jeju Island in early November.

Although BYJ continued filming without showing any particular signs right after the accident, he complained of pain since then, so that he underwent examination in a hospital.

A BOF staff told, “BYJ got a diagnosis from the hospital that spinal nerve were damaged, ” and “A doctor told that situation was for him to be admitted to the hospital immediately and have a surgery, and he would know how much never damage he sustained only after direct visualization of the injured area.”

Followiing that, this staff added, “Because he cannot continue filming of the ‘TWSSG’ if he is operated on, he is in a condition of filming getting injection of pain killers, ” and “He is filming without informing news of his injury because that would make production crew and other cast worry.”

BYJ also sustained serious injury of severing a ligament in index finger in hir right hand as he was hit by a sword from opposite actor while he was filming the ‘TWSSG’ on past October 24.

3 comments November 17, 2007

Lobbyist w/Song IlGuk

BYJ good lookDid you see?  It starts on Nov. 14th at 7:45.  The time of the wolf & dog will also begin in Nov. I forget what date, the 16th?

1 comment November 7, 2007






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