where has the year gone??  i’ve  forgotten that this blog is still breathing and then out of the blue someone comments…doesn’t feel right to just ignore it.  i think it’s a fall out from the way i was raised.  you know, greet, acknowledge, say thank you, good-byes…

haven’t given up watching kdramas, although sometimes a fleeting thought does cross my mind that i could be more productive…but it’s just a “fleeting” thought.  lol!

have you seen “He’s Beautiful”??  wasn’t that a great drama?   i’m totally into cute and beautiful boys!

presently watching: Wish upon a Star, Becoming a Billionaire and Chuno.  more then enough to keep all my evenings locked to my couch!


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Rain’s civil suit verdict

…well, unfortunately the verdict handed down by the courts were not favorable for Rain (8+ million dollars  in lawsuit).   i’m not soo surprised that he and his management company are liable to the cancellation — it’s only right when soo many fans were breathlessly waiting (moi included) for his appearance and a breaking of a contract (promise?) — but that is  SO much $$!!! personally, i think it’s a bit excessive…i hope it doesn’t stunt his professional growth…he still has my fullest support!!!

Rain at court

2 comments March 21, 2009

Song Il-Kook in Hawaii

it’s this saturday AND sunday!!!  saturday at the Blaisdell Concert Hall and the very next day,  a fan meeting with him!  i have abandoned my family to attend these two functions.  poor things…aaww, suck it up family…i finally have a life!  lol!

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Rain in Hawaii!

Can you believe we actually enjoyed the same air space in Hawaii! lol!  i missed going to the airport to welcome him (unfortunately his visit to the islands were on official court business).   here’s a pic of him at the airport and waaay back there is my friend (teri) who got to shake his hand!! how cool is that!!

Rain at Honolulu International airport

1 comment March 16, 2009

Boys Over Flowers (BOF)

I’m watching this on KBFD!  I’m soo loving this show!  Lots of eye candy but my fav is still Hyun Joon (sp? – i can’t ever seem to retain korean names), although Lee Min-Ho is quickly going  up the “idol” chart. :o)kkot_09

3 comments February 23, 2009

Happy New Year!

2009!  I’ve been late in “everything” this year…including greeting the new year.  i hope it’s not a sign of what’s in store for me.   seems i remember that this blog exists about once every 6 months.  this is my semi-annual check in!  i’ll try to be a little more diligent in the new year.

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Speaking of food

I’ve discovered the yummiest Korean noodles!  Cold black noodles…oh man, I’m salivating just thinking about it.   So different from anything I’ve had before; a bed of black noodles in a bowl of slushy ice broth…and tangy!  Who would have thought…

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What’s new?

Let’s see…nothing much. I’m totally loving watching WGM (We Got Married)!  If you haven’t seen this, you must check it out.  Look in mysoju.com — it’s all there from the very beginning.  I can’t stop laughing at some of the antics of the couples.  I’m watching Absolute Boyfriend (j-drama).  There’s some good eye candy there! lol almost done and then I must pass it on…

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Rain in Speed Racer

I’ve seen the movie Speed Racer twice!  Rain was/is outstanding both times! No doubt about it — I think he has arrived!  So there were some not so hot reviews of this movie…i must admit it was a little too much on the sensory overload for special effects BUT I’m a special effects kinda gal!  :0)   It was like watching a huge video game on the big screen — liked it…I like playing games!!  Can’t wait for Ninja Assassins…

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rain and colbert

wow…did you see that clip with Rain’s dance off with colbert? I’m impressive with Rain (of course) and Colbert!! I do believe that this surely puts Rain in the “someone to know” category. Let’s see if I can attach a pic of the two of them…

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